Pantea Vahidi, RN

Compassion Ambassador

Compassion Transforms

“Compassion Transforms pain into healing, and vinegar into wine.” -Rumi

Pantea Vahidi is a Consultant, Researcher, Speaker, and a Nurse.

Drawing from her care experience as a medical/surgical/hospice nurse and her design experience as an engineer, she has integrated the science and art of caring to develop powerful educational and training programs on cultivating a culture of compassion, building resilience, and healing.

Vahidi studies the science of compassion and is a member of the Compassion and Empathy Research team at UCSD. Vahidi teaches “Leading with Compassion”, “Clinician Burnout”, “Radical Healing”, and “Health Equity” at UCSD to medical students.

Pantea holds a B.S. in Computer Engineering and a B.S. in Nursing. Born and raised in Iran and educated and licensed in the USA, Pantea has her unique approach to total wellness that integrates scientific knowledge with ancient wisdom for ultimate healing.

Pantea’s mission is to relieve suffering globally. 

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Everyone needs to meet Pantea! She has a rich and diverse approach to connect with leaders as they guide staff to excellence. Her expertise in compassion and healing brings deep awareness of the effect these two behaviors bring in this much needed world. Her inspiring and wise counsel empowers any leader to take immediate and powerful actions after just meeting her.

Martha Hornung, MBA

Patient Experience Coach at Common Spirit Health System

Learning from Pantea has been the highlight of my studies. Unlike many courses I’ve taken, her lecture does a unique job in creating a space for polarizing and contradicting thoughts to be heard and addressed without judgment. By making our stories and personal experiences the highlight, I felt an increased sense of vulnerability which helped to create a common ground for those of us participating. The stories didn’t compliment the didactic part, the didactic part complemented the patient stories. This dynamic is so powerful because it parallels how life works. We don’t apply our thoughts, emotions, and experiences to skills that we’ve learned, we apply the skills that we’ve learned to our thoughts, emotions, and experiences. This made the take way more meaningful because the lecture gave us the room to be introspective and encouraged us to lean into our experiences.

I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to learn from a soul as kind as Pantea’s, she practices compassion with every word that she speaks. The skills I walked away with feel like superpowers and the weight of life has suddenly shifted into the gift of life with compassion.

Subber Dhillon

Medical Student and Course Coordinator at UCSD

“Pantea's teaching on compassion comes from a place of incredible authenticity, passion and kindness. She helps healthcare providers move from burnout due to "compassion fatigue" to resilience by tapping into compassion for what we all share as human beings. Pantea taught for us in a course for medical and public health students on mindful leadership, and her lectures always generated a high level of interest and excitement among the students. She is professional, quick to respond, and a breath of fresh air in any context

Deepa Sannidhi MD

Assistant Clinical Professor, UC San Diego Health,
Department of Family Medicine and Public Health

"Pantea is a wonderful presenter. She is a strong teacher and the lessons she offers on compassion and resilience are moving and illicit insight, motivation and changed behavior. Pantea is knowledgeable, organized and the real life stories she shares are meaningful and applicable. Throughout the training, you are offered practical tools that are useful and can be implemented to enhance the efficacy of a workforce. The training is helpful to any organization. Pantea herself is a compassionate professional, with a calm yet inspiring demeanor. Her training would be valuable to an organization as a whole or to train team members."

Helen E. Davis

Ph.D, LMFT Center for Mindfulness

"Pantea’s masterful approach to Compassionate Care reminds practitioners to keep the human experience at the center of medicine. She balances this approach with an understanding of the challenges associated with healthcare delivery. She helps healthcare providers to also have self-compassion. Her storytelling abilities help individuals to understand their role in improving the patient experience by being authentic communicators. The awareness that ensues is truly remarkable.

Adhana McCarthy


The one thing we need is skills on how to deliver compassionate messaging. Pantea's framework helped us frame our messages to show concern and that is very applicable in today's world. One of our gold nuggets was to learn how we can view the world from someone else's perspective with non-judgment and understanding. I encourage you to engage in her training. I know I'm glad I did for my team and I.

Ron Skillens

Senior Vice President, Risk Management

Chief Compliance Officer, JPS

Pantea always shows up with such a strong presence and commitment to deeply connecting with everyone in the room. Her narrative approach provides a richness and emotional resonance to her teachings, allowing everyone in the training to more directly connect with the experience of compassion and resilience in an organization setting. She provides clear recommendations on how to convert these experiences into direct action with others. In a field that tends towards abstract or theoretical models, Pantea offers a breath of fresh air.

Alec Terrana

Sanford Scholar

UC San Diego School of Medicine

Throughout working with Pantea, I have admired and been inspired by her down-to-earth character, mindful thoughtfulness, fierce and compassionate work ethic. Pantea has been a mentor for me and her passion for Sufism, poetry, and art, and of course, compassion has been inspiring. I have even nicknamed Pantea The Mystic Nurse with a mission to spread the importance of practicing compassion in healthcare. I am positive Pantea will continue to inspire more generations of students, healthcare workers, and communities with her lived-experiences, and compassion.
Rahil Mounira Hernandez

UC San Diego School of Public Health

Study Coordinator, VA San Diego

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