Pantea Vahidi RN

Compassion Consultant, Educator, Speaker

Everyone Needs Compassion.

When All else Fails, Compassion Prevails.

I am a nurse-hearted, engineer-minded Compassionate Care Consultant, Educator, and Speaker. Born and raised in Iran, I grew up during an 8-year-long war that spanned over all of my childhood and not knowing whether my loved ones or I will be alive in the next minute, attributed to building resilience. Living through some uncertain times on one hand, and being raised in a land of poetry and a loving and musical family molded me to be both soft and hard. My mother taught me the power of compassion by sleeping by my bed on the floor and holding my hand as I recovered from a surgery and my father taught me to make no excuses by sitting by my side as I had to finish my math homework with a candle light awaiting the next siren that would tell us of the next approaching bomb.

In years that followed I immigrated to the United States and settled in CA where I live with my three amazing children and our Doberman loyal dog.

Being raised in a family of all engineers, and a family that valued education and music, I studied math, taught math, and then studied Computer Engineering and worked as a Software Quality Engineer for a few Telecom companies and two decades and three children later, I went back to school to pursue my calling of becoming a nurse and relieving the pain and suffering of others. During my time at the bedside, my patients have inspired me to take my passion outside the hospital and create a movement. Let’s choose Compassion and heal lives.

My Approach & Philosophy

I believe compassion is the most powerful healing force that replenishes strength, fosters resilience, and restores hope. I have experienced and explored the alchemy of compassion at the bedside, as well as in my personal journey. I am passionate about cultivating compassion globally especially in healthcare systems and amongst care providers. I have learned that awakening this powerful elixir within and using it wisely is the most powerful tool we have readily accessible to turn emotional exhaustion and despair into emotional resilience and hope. During my years at the bedside, the compassion deficit has motivated me to take action and learn the science of compassion.

I delved into the research only to find confirmation that compassion is the most powerful healing force, something I already knew on a deep level. With a strong desire to spread compassion I quickly realized I have to formulate it with easy to follow steps for times when being compassionate is not easy.

I have integrated my personal life experiences, my engineering skills, my nursing knowledge, and the research to create a Compassion Formula that you can apply to any aspect of your life. Being compassionate is sometimes challenging, but always rewarding. As a nurse that has cared for patients that have passed away, I have learned that we cannot always save a life, but we can always touch a life.

When we hit the limitations of science and when a virus takes the world by a storm, it is a reminder that the only thing we have to rely on is our love for each other. When all else fails, compassion prevails.