Pantea Vahidi RN

Building Resilience with Compassion

Everyone Needs Compassion.

When All else Fails, Compassion Prevails.

I am a nurse-hearted, engineer-minded Compassion consultant, educator, and speaker. Born and raised in Iran, I grew up during an 8-year-long war that spanned my childhood. Not knowing whether my loved ones or I would be alive the next minute, attributed to building resilience.

Living through some uncertain times on the one hand, and being raised in a loving tight-knit family, a nurturing culture, and a land of poets molded me to be both soft and hard.

My mother taught me the hope and healing side of compassion by example while my father demonstrated that ultimate resilience stems from unconditional love.

I grew up in a family that values kindness, integrity, and education. With my father’s emphasis on math being the way of life, I studied math, taught math, studied Computer Engineering and worked as a Software Quality Engineer for a few telecom companies. Two decades and three children later, I went back to school to pursue my calling of becoming a nurse and relieving the pain and suffering of others. During my times at their bedsides, my patients have inspired me to take my passion outside the hospital and create a movement. Let’s choose compassion and transform lives. Compassion transforms.

Pantea In the Media

Del Mar Times

Del Mar Times

Del Mar resident Pantea Vahidi, a registered nurse at Scripps, started a virtual support group for health care workers on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis. Members of the group, “Caring for Those Who Care,” can participate daily through the videoconferencing...

Virtual Support Group For Nurses

Virtual Support Group For Nurses

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Del Mar nurse Pantea Vahidi has launched the ‘Caring for Those Who Care’ virtual support group for nurses, and other healthcare providers, with the intention of supporting those bravely fighting on the front lines of the novel Coronavirus all around...