Pantea Vahidi RN
Compassion Consultant, Educator, Speaker

Inspired by Poetry and Science

I believe compassion is the most powerful healing force that replenishes strength, fosters resilience, and restores hope. 

I have experienced and explored the alchemy of compassion at the bedside, as well as in my personal journey. I am passionate about cultivating compassion globally in corporations, small businesses, and amongst individuals and in communities. 

I have learned that awakening this powerful elixir within and using it wisely is the most powerful tool we have readily accessible to turn anger, wounds, emotional exhaustion and despair into emotional resilience, healing, strength and hope.

During my years at the bedside, the compassion deficit has motivated me to take action and learn the science of compassion. I delved into the research only to find confirmation that compassion is the most powerful healing force, something I already knew on a deep intrinsic level. 

With a strong desire to spread compassion I quickly realized I have to formulate it with easy to follow steps for times when being compassionate is not easy. We have all had moments of anger or being faced with an angry person. Being empathetic and compassionate towards those who are angry and frustrated takes a level of awareness and reflection that we sometimes forget to tap into. 

I have integrated lessons from my personal life’s experiences, my engineering skills, my nursing knowledge, and the research to create a Compassion Formula that you can apply to any aspect of your life. 

At times being compassionate could be challenging, but always rewarding. As a caregiver in my family life and a nurse that has cared for patients that have passed away, I have learned that we cannot always save a life, but we can always touch a life. When we hit the limitations of science and when a virus takes the world by a storm, we are reminded that the only thing we have to rely on at any given moment is our love for each other. When all else fails, compassion prevails. 

To follow my mission of practicing, cultivating and spreading compassion in the world, I hold workshops and give talks at events for organizations, corporations, and communities.

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